High-End Cyberscanning Service in Vancouver

Full-Service Visual Essence 3D Cyberscanning and Character Asset Development Boutique, comprised of seasoned VFX professionals with experience in Full Body Character Scanning and Modeling. We specialize in High Resolution 3D Body Scanning, 3D Face Scanning, Heads and Clothing for Television, Games and Feature Film Production Studios


CLIENTS AND PARTNERS. Developing long term relationships with our partners throughout the value chain is essential to us

Production Studios

The Flash (2014)

Witches of East End (2014)

High Moon (2013)

Whether you are producing Entertainment content for Television, Feature Film, Games or Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Application, our Cyberscanning pipeline will help you produce Characters faster and more efficiently.

Coming from the Digital Asset Production background, we have dealt with a wide variety of topics your 3D Modelers, Texture Artists, Riggers and TD’s deal with every day. We deliver best Quality Data and always aim to solve issues at the Cyberscan stage, meanwhile addressing the unique requirements of each Entertainment Media segment.



Indie Game & VR Developers

Life of Rome

Loving your models! Would you be interested in working together on Life of Rome?

Rob Collins

Life of Rome Developer

I’ve been looking for scanned human models for my game, Aliens, Trolls & Dragons all over the net, but it seems no one is offering animation ready models (meaning not more than 15 000 tris and symmetrical pose). I lost hope and started modelling my heroes the traditional way, but it looks like your company may be on a right track.

Jakub Kisiel

Kobold Game Developer

Our Digital Actors Library includes people from all walks of life and professional disciplines: Models, Performers, Extras, Athletes, Cosplay, Tattoo & Makeup, Artists and Makers. Our talent is eager to participate in your Indie game projects to help expand your and their own viewer-base. Increasing the speed with which you create and inspire is essential to the success of all.

With the help of our Character Talent Agency arm or any local Talent Agency of your choice (See our growing library of Vancouver talent), Scanlab provides Indie Game and VR Developers with Character asset libraries of fully 3D Scanned, Textured, Rigged and Animation-Ready Characters with a NON-Exclusive License at a reduced rate.

Our hope is to provide competitive prices and fair compensation rates for Indie Startups, a scheme working in favour of all, by helping you bootstrap and get Greenlit faster. The obvious catch, you would have to hire your actors back for custom Cyberscans of Facial Animation and Motion Capture!

Related Markets



Whether you are selling Shoes, Handbags, Apparel, Sporting Goods – we have a solution for your Product Imaging needs. Two of the toughest problems to solve in the world of e-Commerce have been ability to convince people to buy and after they buy, reduce the chance of return. But, its been discovered that showing more of your product to a potential online buyer builds a tangible relationship, which means attachment!



For today’s fast changing fashion industry our 3D Scanning technology offers both, the accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solution.
We help brands develop customer-relevant fashion products, tailored to the clientele of different body types and sizes. Our goal is to help reduce the number of returned merchandise due to wrong size and, through customer’s satisfaction, increase revenue and margins.



Aesthetics and Ergonomics have always been an essential part of Prosthetic and Orthotic design. With the development of Robotics and 3D Printing, we envision the new age where Physical Augmentation will be the subject or envy. Imagine, if only Prosthetic and Orthotic devices could be turned into beautifully designed Art, something the wearer is proud of carrying and which fluidly mirrors own shapes.


WE DELIVER CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE RESULTS. We do this by keeping up with your expectations, talent and technology.

Full-Service Virtual Actor Development
WE DON’T JUST SCAN! We deliver Topological Mesh; Color, Normal, Specular, Subsurface Textures

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your Character Creation pipeline: 3D Scanning Service, Masking, Processing, 3D Scan Cleanup, Texture Cleanup, Geometry Optimization, Re-Topology, Detailing and Customization?

Our State of the Art 132(2.5GPX) Photogrammetry Camera Array is ready to serve your needs.

blank image
Aiming cameras before capture

3D Scanning

CAPTURE the Photometric Data for Processing

A-Pose render

3D Scan Cleanup

PROCESS the Point Cloud and Color Data

Captured Talent brought into a Unity game environment


OUTPUT Mesh and Textures for Your pipeline


LONG TERM COMMITMENT. Quality, security, speed of results and our commitment to process improvement


Scanlab is the pioneer in Western Canada, offering its expertise in Photogrammetry 3D Scanning for Film, TV, Games and Fashion since 2013.

Leveraging 26+ years of combined professional Animation and Film Production experience, we created Digital Assets for movies such as Chappie(2015), Elysium(2013), R.I.P.D.(2013), Fast and Furious 6(2013), Lone Survivor(2013)Stargate SG1/Atlantis(2008), Battlestar Galactica(2005) and many more in between.

High Moon 2013, SyFy

Television Pilot, SyFy, 

Talent Scanning Session

Talent Scanning Session


Scanlab Photogrammetry offers custom built 360 degree Head and Body 3D Scanning Service. Utilizing our industry expertise in building digital assets, we are able to Refine and Customize our output to fit any production pipeline.

We are centrally located and quality focused Cyberscanning studio. In order to preserve the integrity of Digital Scans we no longer offer mobile scanning services.


Our scanning technology is based on Photogrammetry, a technique of determining geometric properties of a subject from photographic images.

We use industry proven 24Megapixel Nikon hardware and Agisoft PhotoScan with Pixologic zBrush software, as well as, our own Inhouse Pipeline and Methods to speed up and increase the quality of output. All color texture information gathered with our technique is Fully Polarised to produce highest quality data possible.

We absolutely strive for Long Term Commitment to quality and accelerating speed of results and process improvement.

3d scanning services

3D Scan Rotation



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